Intensive Retreats

Retreat from your life for a full day of KAP.

At this transformative one-day event you will receive two extra-long kundalini transmissions which will allow you to build the energy through out a whole day to facilitate a deeper experience. Retreating from your daily life even for one day can offer an excellent chance to bathe longer and surrender much more than you are able to accomplish in a one hour transmission. KAP is an embodiment practice and the development of completely letting go is the goal, a day event will provide you with the opportunity to go past your previous limits.

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Immersion Retreat Nov 2022- Bisley UK

Immersion Retreats, Non-Duality

At this event you will be immersed in two whole days of transmissions.

A weekend Immersion is for people that are ready to dive deeper into the process, as doing KAP intensely over a short period of time reaches so much deeper than you’ll ever go in just one class. Similarly, to the Intensive, the first day you receive two extra-long transmissions which will allow you to build energy, facilitate a deeper embodiment experience and at the same time preparing your body for day two, non-duality awareness transmissions. This distinct energy transmission invokes states of pure consciousness. Participants can attain states of spiritual embodiment a connection, a knowing that comes from the body within the transmissions. This primordial natural awareness opens up as limitless possibilities that exist when the mind, body, and spirit are aligned in one field of consciousness. The illusion is lifted and we see thing as they truly are. It is a highly advised that you have had at least one (or more preferably) previous KAP transmissions in order to fully receive the benefit of this event.

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Immersion Retreat April 2023- Bisley UK

Special Retreats

Three to Five day Residentials

Built upon the foundation of the Immersion, a special retreat will incorporate everything from the from the Immersion, a combination of KAP and non-duality consciousness. Providing you with many opportunities to surrender even deeper and beyond where you’d normally go, connecting you to the infinite source of life-giving energy. There may also be some additional activities spread over the course of the event such as meditation, cacao, gentle yoga, light breathwork or some other relaxing/letting go/surrender activities. Each Special event is tailored especially for its location.

Currently there are no Special Retreats scheduled. We'll have one posted up soon.

Immersion Retreat Oct 2023 - Bristol UK