"To continue to see darkness, is to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by light." Adi Da Samraj

Kundalini Activation Process

KAP is a direct Kundalini Transmission of bio-energy that activates the awakening of Kundalini.

Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realizations. It progresses you on the path to connect with your Higher-Self, your Souls plan, through a journey of releasing blockages, letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you and re alignment of Self. And ultimately the full free flow of Awakened Kundalini.

It will not shock your system in any way. With a KAP transmission the energy comes in from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra. There is a significant difference from other self-willed practices of Kundalini rising. Spontaneous movements can and do arise. But these are just some of the effects that can happen.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations are seen regularly in participants.

How can KAP transmissions benefit me?

  • Deep insights and realisation
  • Strengthen intuition
  • Shifts in perception of reality
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased senses
  • Capacity to feel deeply while maintaining equanimity
  • Sense of purpose and direction
  • Access to deeper states of concsiousness
  • Early or later signs of kundalini awakening
  • Spiritual growth
  • Living with an open heart
  • Removes energetic blocks
  • Connects you to your Higher Self/source
  • KAP energy builds on itself and deepens the experience each time its received
  • Many students report that KAP has helped them with anxiety/depression

Any information provided by Flow to Heal is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a doctor.

What happens at a KAP Session?

What is important to remember KAP is the path of surrender, not the path of will. There is a significant difference from other self-willed practices of Kundalini rising. This practice is not about driving kundalini upwards. KAP is a downwards moving energy and a natural and safe process. You will receive exactly what you need and are ready for at this moment in time. KAP is a very powerful and subtle energy work. As in any kundalini practises energetic sensations, vibrations, spontaneous body movement, visual responses, emotional responses and states of bliss are typically observed.

All you need to do is lie down with your eyes closed while some music is played. The facilitator shares the energy channel and with your permission gently presses the belly, forehead and crown. All you do is open and let go. Surrendering and allowing any feelings, emotions or sensations that arise to be expressed and released.

A full explanation of the transmission will be provided.

Private and Semi-Private KAP Transmissions

Interested in a Private or Semi - Private Session?

Privates sessions provide the opportunity to have a one-to-one experience which the facilitator focusing solely on your energy field.
This experience is most suited to those who benefit most from quieter space, with less distractions from sharing space with other participants. Those who feel entering lower states of consciousness, moving into a place of surrender or entering free expression more challenging.
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Similarly Semi-Privates at Shepperton Flow to Heal Garden Studio can provide a much more intimate session experience than the larger open format. These events have a maximum of 4 participants. Participants will also benefit from additional individual focus on their energy fields due to the smaller ratio of guest to facilitator.
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