I have no previous experience with energy, can I still attend?

YES! Experienced or not, the best way to show up for a KAP class is with a beginners mind. If you are sensitive to this energy it has nothing to do with experience, KAP is a transmission, not a practise. All you have to do is to relax and have an open mind. It's about feeling, not knowing.

What is the difference between a KAP transmission in person & online?

The online classes are not much different to the in person classes. Some people are more comfortable to relax and receive the energy in a group setting while others are more comfortable in their homes. This can affect the intensity one feels in a session. Some people find the energy to be slightly milder online while others feel like it's equally powerful. Beginners might need one or a few more classes to activate than they would have in person. The transmission is still powerful online, just not always to the degree of an in person class.

Can I start with a Weekend Immersion?

You can. However, we recommend you to try an open class first. The energy builds for each time you attend and this will allow for a deeper experience in the Weekend Immersion. After trying an open class you will know how sensitive you are to the energy and if you'd like to go deeper.

What happens after a class?

There is a whole range of things that may happen after a KAP class, including the early to the later signs of kundalini awakening. KAP is an energy lineage that holds a wide range of frequencies beneficial for higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth in addition to the traditional kundalini signs/symptoms. This process removes energetic blocks and connects you to your higher self/source, it will look different for each individual. See this video for more information: KAP - Kundalini Activation Process

Can KAP physically heal my body?

KAP is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. This process is mainly for spiritual growth and deepening of consciousness. However, many students do report physical healings early on, after only one or a few sessions. But of course this is not guaranteed, nor is it the primary purpose of KAP.

Who should not do KAP?

KAP is not recommended for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis. As this process will expand your capacity to feel you will have to be able to handle the emotional process in between sessions. If this is too difficult to handle on your own, we recommend you not to continue with the sessions.

I am pregnant, can I still attend a class?

If you are pregnant and in your third trimester we recommend you to wait until after birth to continue with the transmissions. Before third trimester is ok as long as you are feeling well and can without problems participate in activities such as gym or yoga. Always let your facilitator know that you are pregnant before a KAP session. It is the clients responsibility to know their individual limitations recommended by their doctor and to be aware of what positions to avoid that can be harmful to mother or baby.

I am depressed/anxious, can I still attend a class?

Yes. Many students report that KAP helped them with their anxiety/depression. Just be aware of that if you're on antidepressant medication there's a possibility you'll be less sensitive to the energy.