Revolutionary Instrument to Reveal the Energy Fields of the Human Body

“The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy — to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change our state of being, we have to change how we think and how we feel.” ―Dr. Joe Dispenza

Bio-Well Founder, Konstantin Korotkov

Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, Professor, is Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at St. Petersburg University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Russia and a senior researcher at St. Petersburg Research institute of Physical Activity and Sport, President of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) . He has published over 400 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 15 patents on biophysics inventions. He is the author of 12 books, translated to many European languages.
Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 40 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 56 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences.

Meta-analysis of more than 100 published papers demonstrated that the EPI/GDV method is a convenient and easy-to-use, which allows examination of patients with various pathologies, the method delivers valuable information on the functional state of patients, allowing their state to be monitored, and constitutes a convenient and easy method for conducting preventive examinations of individuals and control of psychophysiological state of people in various areas of application.

How can Bio-Well help me?

Bio Energy Measurements and Diagnosis

  • Mental stress levels.
  • Chakra balance and alignment
  • Energy field reading
  • To monitor effectiveness of pranayam, yogic exercise and other modalities.
  • Pre and post reports after treatment.
  • Early warning signs of physical and mental health problems
  • As a complimentery assistance with the diagnosis of diseases.

Any information provided by Flow to Heal is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a doctor.