Online KAP classes are open to beginners and those previously activated. However I do provide special online classes just for past participants aswell.

What is the difference between a KAP transmission in person & online?
The online classes are not much different to the in person classes. Some people are more comfortable to relax and receive the energy in a group setting while others are more comfortable in their homes. This can affect the intensity one feels in a session. Some people find the energy to be slightly milder online while others feel like it's equally powerful. Beginners might need one or a few more classes to activate than they would have in person. The transmission is still powerful online, just not always to the degree of an in person class.

Most people are reporting powerful experiences, however it can be about 70% of what they would’ve felt in a live class. Beginners may be slower to activate but they will still connect to the energy and will greatly benefit, many are reporting great results.

What happens during an Online KAP Class?

  • Ideally, as with 'in person' don't eat too much or only eat lightly before the session.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Lie on your bed, or a yoga mat or floor. Ensure you can position a webcam or laptop camera so that I can see your body from head to feet ideally.
  • Sign in to Zoom by 5 minutes before the start time. You will have to register first & the meeting number and passcode is emailed to you.
  • I will briefly explain the process for new participants.
  • Transmission will last 1 hour.
  • I will share the music so it plays through your computer. If you can turn the volume up it will have the best effect & assist us to raise the energy.
  • Brief closing share.
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Philllippa -Accredited KAP Level 2 Facilitator

Phillippa transmits the raw life force of kundalini. She also transmits her most native state of non-dual awareness. This Grace is passed to her through KAP founder, Venant Wong. Who has the ability to share his gifts, enabling the trained level 2 KAP facilitators to active Kundalini in participants and also submerge them in states of non-dual awareness during special events.